Apple Keyboard (with numeric keypad) on Windows 10

Took me a while to find so thought I’d write this down.

The Apple keyboard is awesome, especially if you use a Mac for anything. I normally use a MacBook Pro for work, however, I also have a Microsoft Surface 3 as an extremely portable dev/content/browsing machine when I’m on the move but more so when hooked up to the company VPN when working from home (I work for one of those MS stack only -supported company).

As great as the Apply keyboard is, it doesn’t work fully on a Windows machine out of the box which is a bit of a problem.

For sure it’s USB and for sure you can hook the Apple keyboard to a Surface — it’ll just produce an output in the style of


Uh oh. The layout is buggered.

There seemingly isn’t anything official from Microsoft or from Apple, so this dude has written a custom layout for it.

  1. Download
  2. Extract
  3. Install
  4. Voilà

You’ve got a great keyboard hooked up to your Windows machine.